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George is a futurist, who enjoys imagining and planning how "tomorrow" will be. Multimedia is his artistic passion. He is a music and film executive producer, is skilled as an audio & mastering engineer. George owns and operates Westchester HD & Mixdown Recording Studios. He has worked with several famous celebrities in the music business, and had been involved in dozens of music & album projects, and music videos. George has also founded and participated in ground breaking websites that are pioneering new technologies and opportunities. On a personal note, he is interested in motorcycles, motor-homing & camping, as well as exotic cars, Brazilian Jui-Juitsu martial arts training, military systems, and also enjoys going to the gym. If you would ask George what he was born to do, you should view the Research section.

George is interested and invested in multiple & diversified fields and disciplines. From multimedia and real estate development, to the technology sector and national defense programs. Please follow this link to learn more about ongoing business ventures and opportunities.

If you understand Moore's Law and follow research into neural networks, you know that the world will encounter perhaps it's most radical changes & advancements, possibly by the year 2050. Nuclear technology and the creation of the internet pale by comparison to what is next. Click HERE to visit Nivkor Research to learn more and possibly be one of those who help create "The Singularity"